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The project I created involved student-designed Math tutorial videos.  I have often seen my students get really excited when they explain a concept to each other. I therefore wanted to tap into this enthusiasm and have the students teach each other the concepts, using Math curriculum as the subject.

When thinking about this project, I started with the International Society for Technology in Education Standards (ISTE Standards). I used the ISTE Standards for facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity. I also referenced them for student standards. They help enable students to demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and process the use of technology.


For this project, my class used iPad minis and the Screen Chomp app.  Screen Chomp is a simple digital whiteboard tool that allows the user to share a link so others can view the video.

Project Steps

The project took six different steps.

1. The Introduction

I took an idea from Kim Corfino when introducing this topic.  To demonstrate the power of video tutorials, the students first tried drawing picture and writing directions for their friend. They then had their classmate follow those written directions to try to draw the same picture.

We also practiced with the app. Before we started our video, we took a little time to explore the app Screen Chomp on the iPads. We then made a practice video to make sure we understood all of the features.

2. Modeling and Exploration

I showed the students a video I made and then had them investigate other Math tutorial videos for homework.

3. Script Writing

After familiarizing themselves with the app and tutorial videos, the students wrote a draft script for directions of how to solve the math problem down in their math notebooks.

4. Recording

For recording, the students found a quiet room where they could make their videos. The followed their script and recorded the video using the whiteboard app Screen Chomp.

5. Sharing

We shared our videos from our class on our class website.  We also shred it with our grade level on Wikispace and we also shared our videos with a class in Sofia Bulgaria using Edmodo.

Project Reflection

I thought this turned out to be a good introduction to Math tutorial videos for the students.  The tasks given to the students wouldn’t be possible without technology in the classroom.  Researching effective videos, creating their own and sharing them with a third grade class in another country redefines classroom learning and teaching methods.

If I did this again, I would want the videos to be produced more organically.  For instance, the student videos that were most watched and discussed were the ones that answered other students’ actual questions.  If there is a math concept that the students struggle with this year, I can turn to my class and ask them to answer the question with a video.

When doing this video I noticed that the students can reach each other in ways the teacher can’t. The best person to explain a concept is often someone who has just faced that challenge and was able to understand it.  Their process is fresh in their mind and easy for them to access.  The students can relate well to each other and they speak a common language.  Their explanations are easy for each other to understand.

Student Videos

Place Value

Comparing Numbers

Rounding to Tens

Rounding to Hundreds

Commutative Property of Addition

Identity Property of Addition

Associative Property of Addition

Mental Math Using Expanded Form

Mental Math Simplifying Addends


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    I recognize that dinosaur! Love the ideas you have for the future of this project too – great to see that it will continue to evolve!


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